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We can provide all kind of visual and NDO inspection activities.
We make use of almost all kind of inspection technics.
Our experienced technicians are capable of making use of the following technics or services:


ndt_visuell_icon Visual Inspection

ndt_visuell_icon Guided Wave

ndt_ultrasonic_icon UT (ultrasonic testing)

ndt_ultrasonic_icon ToFD (time of flight diffraction)

ndt_ultrasonic_icon Phased Array

ndt_mt_icon MT (magnetic particle inspection)

ndt_mt_icon MFL(magnetic flux leaking)

ndt_pt_icon Penetrant testing

ndt_measurement_icon Dimensional Control

And also:

– Tank Inspections

– Pipe line Inspections

– Punching and Releasing of project activities




Any other technic or service can be provided on your request. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special request or if you want to talk about specific challenges that you have. Together we can find the best inspection technic, suitable for your specific request.

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